Heroism - what qualities you need to be a hero

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In the story The HobbitBilbo ends up being the hero in many situations. At first you would not consider him a hero by any of today's typical standards for one. For example he's not big, strong , handsome,or good with any particular weapon. But in the hobbit bilbo does not need any of those particular standards. He is considered a hero under different standards. He is lucky, brave (this aspect develops throughout the novel), intelligent, and can be quite witty as well. In this essay I will outline how all these qualities are necessary for heroism.

The first aspect I listed was luck. In order to be a hero you have to have luck on your side when you really need it. Because sometimes it's going to come down to pure chance and luck of the draw. One who is consistently unlucky will not have great success at being hero.

One example of Bilbo's luck is in chapter 2 when him and the dwarves are about to be roasted Gandalf shows up to save them all. Now given that that is not Bilbo in a heroic situation but it is a sign that he does get lucky. Another example of Bilbos' luck in a heroic situation is in chapter 9. Bilbo is very lucky when he is able to first escape the elves. He is again lucky when he is able to explore the elven palace at such great length. Yet another example of his luck is when extremely potent wine comes in barrels,and ends up putting the chief guard asleep who is in sole possession of the keys which can unlock all the dwarves prisons. So with all these examples of how luck can be a factor in heroism I am left to believe that it...