A Heros Tale

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One overriding aspect in medieval myths is that every hero is expected to act display himself in a certain a way. But in every myth there are certain differences and certain similarities. The tale of Odysseus, the legend of Beowulf, and the history of Prince Igor all have basically the same hero treats some are expressed in a different ways but if you look deep enough they are all they same, but they also have different ones. These men have proven them selves to be considered a hero. All thought all of these tales come from a different time they are all different in some way but also the same.

Price Igor was considered a hero because he was noble. He was noble because when him and his men was captured by their enemies he did not leave his men to die even when had a chance to escape and save his own life.

This conflict also comes up in the legend of Beowulf when he goes of into a cave to fight a dragon but never implies that his men should come inside that cave to help him because he does not what to put them in danger of let them get harmed in any way. Odysseus was also put in a similar position when he is faced with a one eyed beast who had kept him and his men captured in a cave but instead of him trying to escape by him self he also devises a plan to get his men out as well. That is why these men are considered to a hero.

The differences that are produce by all of these are that Odysseus's hero traits contain a person to be smart. He proved himself to be smart in all of the adventures...