HeroZ: Empower Yourself, Your Co-workers, Your Company

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Management Issue Involved in the Situation

Many businesses are successful because its employees are willing to work because they enjoy their job and because they enjoy the atmosphere. What happens when employees no longer have that motivation? The company starts to decline, productivity slows, and the company becomes less profitable or even loses money.

When a situation like this occurs, the company is in trouble. Something needs to happen to turn the company around. The boss becomes frustrated because he is losing money and his reaction, which is typically anger, is more harmful than helpful.

This case created a fable in which three employees, for a mythical company that rescues citizens from attacking dragons, take the initiative to try to turn the company around. Their efforts, without the help of their boss, end up being successful as they effectively empower themselves, their co-workers, and their overall company.

A brief overview of the fable is necessary to properly explain the efforts put forth by Art (a shaft-turner), Mac (a head-sharpener), and Wendy (a wand-waver).

The setting is Lamron Castle. They provide rescue services to the citizens from dragons. One of the key weapons used to fend off these dragons is "Magic Arrows". Initially, Lamron Castle was the only provider of a rescuing service, but over time other companies came in and a fog started to surround the castle. The fog began to impede production to the point where employees no longer cared or showed any enthusiasm.

These three employees knew something was wrong and it needed to be fixed, so they began to try to fix the problem themselves, they started keeping scored of their work on their own. This gave them the feeling of empowerment. They felt like:

"«They are in charge of their own work.

"«Their job belongs to...