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Richard Warren Sears A Look at this Jewish Immigrant, Chicago Resident, Marketing Genius Born in 1863, Richard Sears began his life as the timid son of two Jewish immigrants but he went on to become one of the greatest American promotional geniuses of our time. In addition to his great character and motivation, he's proved he has unsurpassed intuition and skills at creating advertisements geared directly towards his target market of customers. Some call this man a genius while others who know him describe him as a deeper, more complex person. Either way this man has proved that his innovations in technology and his genius in developments have made a name for his company and himself in this country. As such, Sears started out in this business in a way that one wouldn't think to be conventional, but this only makes the man himself more intruiging.

It all started back before Sears moved to Chicago.

While working as a station agent in North Redwood, Minnesota, Sears had plenty of idle time to pursue extra money making opportunities. Often he sold items such as lumber or coal to some of the residents in this small town. By random occurance one day, Sears found himself with a parcel full of watches that had been originally intended for a Redwood Falls jeweler. When it turned out the jeweler wasn't interested in the shipment, Sears jumped on the opportunity to buy the shipment and re-sell the watches individually to some of his customers he had already established. Once the pack was sold Sears decided t o order more and his retail business had begun.

Richard Sears opened the R.W. Sears Company in 1886 and proceeded with the next step in creating a new path for the American economy. In 1887 Sears decided to move...