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Sirena St.Ours

H World History

Mr. Ingels

6 June 2013

Nazi Invasion of Norway - WWII

Just a mere year after WWII started in 1939, Norway was invaded by Nazi Germany. At the start of WWII, Norway declared its neutrality to the rest of Europe, however, this neutrality didn't last long. Germany invaded both Norway and Denmark on April 9, 1940. While invading, Nazis burned down and bombed entire buildings, factories and cities. While Norwegians tried to hold off as long as they could from the invasion, the Germans were able to completely take over the country within just a few days.

The invasion of Norway began with Germany's naval forces. The Germans had an elaborate plan in which they were to land all naval forces on the coast of Norway and have German air forces drop into Norway to capture important airfields. However, the Norwegians found out about this plan a day ahead through captured German soldiers.

Although Norway knew Germany's plot, they still did little to try and defend their country, which resulted in a rather quick capture of their country.

Immediately after the Nazis invaded, the King, royal family, and the rest of the Norwegian government all fled to London. With the formal government now completely out of the way, the Germans set up their own puppet government system in Norway with Nazi officials. Hitler was very pleased with his newfound control over Norway because he now had control over Norway's massive coastline that would help him extensively in the battle for the North Sea and would also help Germany import iron ore from Sweden.