The hidden engine of creativity

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The hidden engine of creativity

What is Boredom?

Boredom appears when you are merely uninterested in the outside world and the inner world of your thoughts. It appears when a person is alone with himself. Boredom comes from the depths of the mind. I believe it to be a trivial emotion that is unconscious and an essential part of progress since the beginning of time. Despite the fact, that some believe that boredom, is the plague of the 21st century, we can track this essential emotion as far , as the beginning of civilization.

The famous philosopher Toohey connects the word "boredom" back to the Latin word "tedium", which encompasses weariness and boredom with life. He points to a delightful bit of first-century graffiti on a wall in Pompeii: "Wall! I wonder that you haven't fallen down in ruin, when you have to support all the boredom of your creators."

. It is amazing that we can connect this feeling of despair to one of the greatest cultures back in the days. The fact that it was inscribed into one of the oldest architectures in the world , disproves our parent's statement, that boredom is an invention of the lazy generation(our).

Yet it is widely accepted by modern society that boredom is a relatively new state of mind: "Boredom is the root of all evil" as Soren Kierkegaard describes it, but nowadays saying that you are bored is more of an excuse than an actual feeling. Really, how can one be bored nowadays? If a person wants, he or she can be occupied at all time- we've got Facebook , Skype , cell phones , games, portable consoles that we can carry everywhere. And yet we feel that deep feeling every day , the feeling that...