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Children define the word "hiding" for us as a game, such as hide and go seek or peek- a -boo, where children just play a game to hide away from the world and pass the time. That is all people, or shall I say adults think about hiding they don't go too much into details. To me hinging means so many different things in life, I can't really begin to describe. One way of describing it is mysterious; it fascinates me because I love mysterious things. It's like a scary story being told to you and you are so anxious to get to the end, then the ending finally comes out from hiding and you are like was that it aw, it was ok.

Hiding is the opposite of showing in the sense that showing you want people to know what is going on in your world or thoughts, to even feel and understand the pain you are enduring.

Sometimes I agree that I do want people to know what I am feeling so that they will understand what I am going through and maybe they have had a similar experience that they can share with me so it won't be so difficult for me to go through by myself. Most of the time though, I want to hide away from the whole world and bottle up my feelings so no one can find them later except for me.

One of my favorite places to hide out is the coast in Morro Bay, on a beach called Morro Strand. It is the most beautiful place on earth to me. I just jump in my car, drive away and don't look back for a second. I feel like I am like a superhero hiding in a deep dark cave like...