Hieronymus Bosch.

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Born in 1450 Hieronymus Bosch was mainly known for his creation of monsters and interesting non-existing creatures. He lived and worked in Hetrogenbosch his hometown in which the people knew him for his creation of weird curiosities. His grandfather and father were both painters and had both painted in the same town before Bosch did. Bosch had an interesting life in which he portrayed all sorts of ideas that never reach ones mind. You will find out as I did that his intelligence lead him to create some of the most interesting art ever made.

The 15th Century was Bosch's must infamous time as an artist. He started to create his art at this time in his hometown of Hetrogenbosch. His art then began to spread all around the world starting with Europe. People tried to copy his work and forge his work, as he grew more and more popular in the eyes of civilians.

Bosch then began to get even more popular because authors would write about him and other artists would draw portraits of him. Bosch was a Dutch man and many other painters from that area began to try and paint like Bosch because his unique creatures were spread all around his Dutch homeland. Bosch also had a very unique style of painting, which is seen in paintings such as Garden of Early Delights. In this picture one can notice that the paint layers are so thin that it is transparent and therefore a trend that Netherlands painters used. In his life he seemed to enjoy studying astrology, witchcraft, folklore, and alchemy. He incorporated all of these things in his art and many professionals say that his art represented the way God looks upon sin and good. Alla prima was said to be the style that Bosch...