The High.

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The High

"Ding-dong!" Outside, the anxious group of high school seniors can hear the laughter and loud sound of their favorite music coming from inside the house. Erin runs to the door and opens it to see all her friends standing in front of the doorway. "Hey guys," Erin says as all of her friends come in, each giving her the usual kiss on the check and the mumbled, "Hi." They stop in the living room where the rest of their friends are. Some sit talking and some are on what they made a dance floor showing off their moves to the rest of the group. Most of the newly arrived crowd plops down on an empty couch or chair. The rest join in the fun of dancing to the latest tunes. "So how's it going?" Private conversations begin, and all that can be heard throughout the living room are the muffled sounds of chatter.

The mini conversations begin to die down and Ryan finally asks the question everyone has been waiting for, "Who is ready to smoke?" An excitement fills the air because everyone knows that he is not talking about cigarettes; he is talking about marijuana, commonly referred to as weed. This is one ritual that some teenagers participate in on routine Friday nights. Teens look forward to this high that they will obtain. One boy stated philosophically, "It is the only substance that brings one to a higher level of thinking without becoming addictive or having terrible side affects."

Many people have heard of marijuana, but few are educated about the hazards of drugs, particularly teens. The fact that few teens know about drugs has caused an increase in the use of this drug since the 90's and has caused anti-drug attitudes to decrease. Dr. Alan I.