High Commitment Organizations

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Enterprise Rent a Car and The Cheesecake Factory both rely on customer service to build and maintain their reputation. Their employees must know the product, have customer focus, and be a willing player in the company vision. Although these companies are from different industries, they have common human resource philosophies. The human resource department is much more than a function based entity, it is a strategic partner.

Enterprise Rent-A- Car uses its recruiting department as its strategic partner in obtaining and retaining talented people to work as managers. The recruiters report directly to the Vice President of their region so that they can work together to overcome the obstacles to fueling the companies growth. They realized that to fuel their planned growth, they needed to find and train qualified workers and their target audience was the recent college graduates. Enterprise is the largest employers of recent college graduates, many with little or no work experience.

The jobs are not high paying jobs, starting pay of $20,000 to $30,000 but the experience that the new graduate obtains by working in this capacity is immeasurable. During a recent MTV interview, Debbie Brill, a recruiter for Enterprise dubbed the job as "an MBA without the IOU". 1 Graduates will become managers of their own small business. They will be responsible for budgeting, customer service, product, and innovative ideas to help sell the product. The idea of picking up the customer rather than the customer coming to Enterprise was an idea of local manager in Florida. It worked out and was used across the company.

Enterprise used the human resource department, particularly the recruiting department to develop "My Personal Enterprise", an employment brand. "In our employment brand, we needed to counter the perception of what our competitors generally are: rental-car companies, where you stand...