High cost of beauty

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High cost of beauty

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most controversial subject in today's society. The amount of surgeries is increasing rapidly. There were over 1,6 million surgeries in America last year. That was an increase of 3 percent from 2011, and almost 80 percent from 1997. That means that more and more people are having a surgery, without thinking so much of all the risks of it. Unfortunately, this isn't the only problem. There are even some women who wants their children to be like them. A woman named Sarah Burge, gave cosmetic surgery vouchers to her eight year old daughter on her birthday. Isn't that terrible?

To begin with, why should people do something to their body to become someone they're not? People shouldn't change themselves, because several surgeries doesn't make you a different person.

It only gives you self-confidence and probably make you look younger for few years. Every single person is unique and that's why we shouldn't try to be someone else. We were created so, and that makes the life so special. On the other hand it's media's fault that people feel the opposite. People want to change themselves on account of the media. For example Nicki Minaj. She is a singer but she gets more attention because of her looks than her singing quality. Her fans want to do the same thing as her, just to be like her. All because of getting attention and have a so-called "perfect body" that their fans think the famous people in media have.

Like we know it's very expensive to get a cosmetic surgery. The price varies with different cosmetic surgeries though, but for example a breast augmentation cost about 4000 pounds and as we all see it's very much for a normal earner. Unfortunately,