High-level design of an Enterprise wide Network

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Network Overview

Our task as a team is to design a high-level design of an enterprisewide network for a multimedia company that uses audio and video special effects for the entertainment and advertising industry, video and text. We will recommend in this paper what we believe to be the best solution to their networking problem.

Business Goal: To configure and install a network that can handle the companies computing needs.

Description of the Company:

The company has eight offices around the world that are involved in the development of audio and video special effects for the entertainment and advertising industries. It has four offices in the U.S.: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. It also has two offices in Europe (London, Frankfurt), one in Tokyo and one in Rio de Janiero. These offices operate on a 24 hour basis seven days a week. The company expects to open a couple of more international sales offices -- one in Korea and the other in the Philippines, in 3 or 4 years.


Los Angeles is the corporate office

Design centers are Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Rio de Janiero.

Sales centers are Chicago, Miami and London.

Intranet servers are located New York, London and Tokyo.


Network must handle constant stream of multimedia traffic between offices

Average file sizes must be 25MB

Response time must not be more than 5 seconds

Design centers files must be at least 50MB big

Response time between workstations in the design centers must be at least 20 seconds

Every office must be able to have Internet access

Full telephone voice capability with conferencing and to include speed dialing

Logical Design for Entire Company

Logical Topology: Token Ring

IP Addressing: We will use IPv6 for addressing the hosts and then also use the...