High Performance Organization

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1.1 High Performance Organization

The definition of High Performance Organization:" Heading into the new century, the most important business development is the pursuit of competitive advantage in an uncertain world through new approaches to organizational design."

The term "High-Performance Organization" reflects our approach to designing strategy-focused organizations through a process of systemic change. A successfully executed transformation to a high-performance organization delivers quantum leaps in profitability, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and employee well-being.

NCR also installed an HR portal. It is called HR eXpress, and is organized into three information areas: benefits and compensation, training and career growth, and NCR values and HR policies. NCR also added a Forms Center to the site's title bar. HR eXpress gives NCR employees a shortcut to all the information they need to manage HR tasks, such as those relating to company benefits and updating their personal information. The Forms Center gives them quick access to any HR forms they need.

More firms are installing Internet and computer-based systems for improving HR productivity. For example, International Paper Corp. finished installing its "Viking" HR information system in April 2001. in terms of efficiency, the goal was achieve an HR staff-to-employee ratio of one to 150, and a cost per employee of $800 for delivering HR services. The Viking project included four components. There was a data warehouse which stockpiled a vast array of HR-related information on employees. It included new technology to upgrade the company's existing centralized HR service center. The third part consisted of new software for managing HR activities such as payroll administration. The fourth component included an interest-based employee portal that employees use to self-service certain HR-related needs.

Human resource management can help ensure that you get the right results-through people. Remember, you can do everything else right as a manager---lay...