High Performance Team Characteristics

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One of the personality characteristics of a person who is part of a high performance team is his or her ability to encourage participation from all the group members in an effort to work for a common goal. This person would have the willingness to learn from other members, building honest relationships and handling disagreements with input from the entire group. He or she would be willing to allow specific work to be allocated to the person best suited to perform that particular task so that all the skills are utilized in the best manner. He or she stays focused on the goal, keeps meeting schedules, communicates frequently, and has a sense of purpose. A personality characteristic of a person who hinders a high performance team is one who acts without consulting the entire group. This person would not be willing to learn from others and would handle disagreements in an adverse manner.

For instance, they may not say anything to the entire group, preferring to air their disagreements behind the backs of other team members. If this person wanted to do a specific task , he or she would not be willing to allow another person to do this even it the other person was better suited to perform the task. This person is likely to miss meetings, communicate infrequently and has no sense of purpose.