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High school is very different from college in many ways. Some people would say that college is better than high school. Others would think vice versa, but by the time you finish reading my paper you will be able to see how I feel. High school and college can be compared based on freedom, dress code, food and costs.

Freedom is one of the greatest changes in college. In college you can just walk around anytime you want to, or when you are in class you don't have to raise your hand and ask your professor if you can go to the bathroom. You are free to get up and go as long as you keep it quiet. In college there are plenty of people that you can see instead of seeing the same people over and over again. In college your professors don't make you come to class, and you don't have to worry about someone telling you that it's time to go to class.

You have to be a responsible adult and know when it's time to go to class.

Why isn't the issue of dress code talked about in college? In college you never hear anyone talking about what this girl is wearing, or look how that boy's pants are sagging. In college yes there is always someone talking about what you are wearing but those are your peers that does most of the talking. You might hear a professor saying every now and again that this girl is revealing too much. Then that's when you know that the outfit is more than likely just ridiculous. The way that you dress says a lot about you, but you just have to know what to wear on certain occasions. In college you have to stay on top of fashion. You can't walk around wearing anything because you will get talked about.

The food in college isn't free because it's added into your tuition. The food can be better I guess if you had better cooks. Every week in college you eat the same foods everyday for instance what we eat this Monday the following Monday we will eat the same foods. The food doesn't look worth eating. You have to pick and choose over your food. The food is dry, for instance if we have chicken it never has any seasoning to it, or if we have vegetables they are always dried out, but no matter what we eat they are always going to have rice and gravy. I just think that the cafeteria food could be better.

In college the cost is just too high. You have to worry about buying books, paying for tuition, room and board, and activity costs. Even if you have financial aid, most students still have to pay out the pocket because it is not enough to cover most of their expenses.

Unlike in college, in high school you have no freedom whatsoever. You aren't allowed to walk around campus holding your boyfriend or girlfriend's hand. When you go to class you have to ask your teacher if you can go to the restroom and 90 percent of the time they are going to say no, unless you have a teacher that is real nice. I feel that the administrative staff worries too much about the wrong issues and the issues that they need to be concerned about they aren't. When you go to school you don't have enough time to socialize with your friends. The only time you can do that is in between classes and in between that time you only have seven minutes, which is not enough time to spark up a good conversation.

In high school there is a dramatic change in the dress code from college. In high school you can't wear shorts or skirts that are 4inches above your knee. When you go to school you have to make sure that you are not wearing clothes that are too revealing. Now since I graduated, the high school that I attended your shorts and skirts have to be at your knee I just think that is just ridiculous.

The food at the high school I attended was delicious. The food is free to some students depending on their parent's income and some students have to pay the full price or have reduced lunch. Also, they had a side in the cafeteria that you could go to if you wanted to buy pizza, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and other food items that might have been offered on that particular day. I would rather pay for my lunch everyday if offered the same foods here like they did at the high school that I attended. It tasted just as good.

In high school there is a big difference as far as costs goes from college. In high school the only things that you have to pay for are school fees and for a locker. Altogether that adds up to around twenty dollars a year. When you look at the costs of food then that's another subject. If I could go to high school and get the same degree that I could at a college or university then I would because there isn't anything that you have to pay for except when you get to your senior year. Then that's when your costs start to add up. When you get to your senior year you have to worry about graduation items and things of that nature. But all in all I would rather pay for high school costs than college costs.

In conclusions looking at the things that I compared between the two: freedom, dress code, food, and costs I would rather be at a college any day than to be at a high school.