High School Disappointments

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I started off high school and I thought it was going to be a breeze. Sometimes you just follow the wrong path. After realizing what mistakes, I've wonder if I can get back on track. School has disappointments and successes to experience. Disappointment and successes is a pair you just can't have one with out the other.

My disappointments are failing my classes and making bad decisions. When I had failed my classes I didn't care, until I found how far behind I was with me credits I was. It made me feel really irresponsible. Another disappointment was making bad decisions. The bad decisions I made got me in to a lot of trouble that I couldn't fix. The disappointing times made me realize that I was much better the n that.

Successes in my life are important. One success is finding my true friends. I had some friends that got me into a lot of trouble.

I knew they weren't good for me, so I got rid of them I realized that my real friends were the ones that stayed out of trouble. My second success is when I passed my summer school classes with a's. They motive me to try just as hard during the year as I did in the summer. My success might not be that extreme, but they keep me from having more disappointing times.

Disappointments are like lessons to learn from and successes are the lesson learned from disappointments. My disappointment and successes are very memorable they keep me on track. They remind what I should and shouldn't do. Everyone should have disappointments and success that's what keep people balanced.