High School Drop Outs

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Bishme Allah Mr. Bueti Sociology period 7 The sociological issue that I decided to study was the drop out rate of students in our community. the reason why students drop out is because of many complex reasons. The environment, peer pressure, and the lack of family involvement makes these students drop out. The most pressing issues that force students to drop out of school are pregnancy, family issues, and the need to work also increase the drop out rate. For females we see the highest number dropping out due to pregnancy and marriage. In males, it's for work to support their families. Granted that the evolution of gang violence is at once complex, enigmatic and multi-faceted, clearly poverty, unemployment, dysfunctional families and lack of education are to blame for students dropping out. The problem is so complex that it's hard to categorize the reason that each individual student drops out.

First, realize that many who drop out did not make a conscious decision to do so. Often it happens over a period of time, and the decision is only to remain out after having not been for awhile. The number of students dropping out not only hurts High school students but it effect older college students also. The estimate came from Professor Mantz Yorke, who produced the only major study on student drop outs two years ago, as he gave evidence to an inquiry into retention rates in universities by the House of Commons education committee. Official figures show that 17% of students fail to finish degrees, but drop out rates vary dramatically for different universities and colleges. The 1998 report of the UN children's fund (UNICEF) points out that while 495 million children are enrolled in primary school in developing countries, 130 million - 21 percent of the total...