High School: A Weak Education

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High school is an important part of a student life. In order to achieve success students need to first attend high school and then college. The transition to college can be very difficult, which is why it is important to create a solid academic base in high school. Many people keep repeating college courses and failing classes because of their low high school education. It is a fact that American high schools are not doing a good job of preparing students for college life. Good student preparation is influenced by teachers’ responsibility, teachers’ determination and schoolwork. It is a fact that many high school teachers in the United States lack responsibility and don't have the courage to confront students. Also, high school students don’t get enough schoolwork and it is a main reason of their failure in college.

Most high school teachers do not have responsibility and courage in order to grow better and successful students.

In high school, the teachers aren’t strict and usually students break the rules that they’re supposed to follow. Teachers are responsible for making sure each student obeys the rules to the fullest extent and carry out disciplinary actions for those who do not obey them, but in most of the cases students don’t care and they’re just free to go. The only good thing about high school is that attendance is required. Attendance is taken each day and if students do not attend, their parents are notified immediately. On the other hand, college teachers rarely say anything about the student’s attendance. Usually college students get an F or a zero for the day they may have skipped. Some college teachers believe the students should be mature enough to make their own decisions on whether to attend class or not. Since most of the students...