High tech Industry in Israel

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Facultad de Economía y Negocios International Business Universidad de Chile

High tech Industry in Israel

International Business



31. Summary �

41. Introduction �

52. Market dynamic �

52.1 Relevant Changes �

72.2 Targeting and positioning of competitors �

72.2.1 Foreign companies' presence in Israel: an advantage for both sides �

82.2.2 Microsoft´s implantation in Israel �

82.2.3 Intel´s implantation in Israel �

92.2.4 Other examples of foreign companies´ implantation in Israel �

93. Business Climate �

93.1 Strategic Analysis �

93.1.1 SWOT Analysis �

103.2 Business practices and tentative business and strategies to be considered for investors or companies to be applied in that market. �

103.2.1 Business practices �

113.2.2 Tentative business strategies �

133.3 Analysis of main environmental factors �

133.3.1 Legal and political framework �

153.3.2 Socio-cultural environment � Population and Demography � Education � Remarkable cultural aspects �

173.3.3 Economic environment �

203.3.4 Financial Climate �

203.3.5 Geographical Environment � Geography � Climate �

234. Conclusion �

245. Bibliography �



After Israel established its independence, Israel military industry developed at a rapid pace, meeting the country's needs for armament and technologies that it could not obtain from its allies. During the same period, Israel was busy developing what was to become the best education and science research system in the Middle East. These world-renowned institutions include the Technion University, Weizmann Institute and Hebrew and Tel Aviv University. It was at the Weizmann Institute where a computer was developed and assembled in the early 50´s.

Like many other small countries, Israel has sharply defined scientific and technological policies aimed at enhancing its competitive position. In science, it encourages the establishment of centres of excellence around outstanding scientists, while maintaining a level of quality across the broad...