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Nowadays, higher education is valuable but not everyone is ready for higher education. Students put lots of money and time to get a college degree today and they should know what they can get from it at any particular institution. Just as we can now buy stuff from anyone anywhere in the world, because of the online offerings, we should have more clear choice and know what we can do with what we get from colleges. According to the topic that we debate today, i strongly agree that the higher education can build up students knowledge and improving the quality and productivity of employees. However, some people are not interested with higher education because they have experiences of work to help them for the world of work.

Firstly, higher education is needed because its can build up student knowledge to learning something new about situation of work. This is true because by some knowledge that we get in higher education can approach ourself to practicing in work place.

For example, in higher education we have one semester for pratical to practice student what they have learn in real world. Thus, higher education is the way that we needs to facing world of work.

Another reason why higher education is needs to be preparing for world of work because its can improving the quality and productivity of empoleyees. In higher education, our lectures will introduce and explain their students about the requirements of professions and industries to help them prepare to join the workforce. By this way, students are more compatible with the work that requested as well as the cost that their taken in higher education.

However, some people think that higher education is not needs for preparing to world of work. This is because they just...