Is The Hijab repressive???

Essay by mohasson1 February 2004

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From about two years ago I can recall the mass media frenzy over the Taliban regime. The outrage felt and expressed by the public at the media portrayal of their treatment of women was distinct and tangible.

Images of women covered from head to toe immediately arise due to a very effective propaganda campaign. Don't forget, the issue of women's rights only became important during the build up to the invasion of Afghanistan.

The whole world clamoured at the supposed lack of choice in wearing the 'Burka ', the garment which was compulsory for women to wear. One of the chief justifications of the war was to set free the oppressed women of Afghanistan

The aftermath in Afghanistan paints a contradictory picture, as a majority of women in Afghanistan today are still wearing what was then named as a 'symbol of oppression', strangely, they do so willingly.

Hypothetically, if the Taliban seized power again and in a reverse were to force these same women to remove the cloth which they have consciously embraced.

Would this act not be a harsher oppression?

If this is the case then where is the outrage at the French government for initiating this very act upon the women of France?

The head covering is not only a physical barrier against prying eyes, but also a defence against a society infatuated with unattainable beauty. A woman cannot and should not be judged according to the way her hair is styled or how it moves with the wind, or according to her beauty, natural or otherwise.

To ban the Hijab is paramount to violating the right of a woman to be modest, to tearing away at the essence of a person, to maiming someone psychologically, as the Hijab is not a separate entity to woman, but is...