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Essay 2

In Hemingway's short story "Hills like white elephants", it describes a dialogue

between an American and his girlfriend who is young and named Jig. It happens when

they are waiting for a train from Barcelona to Madrid in a bar. In their dialogue, they

frequently mention an operation, but Hemingway does not tell us directly what the

operation is. However,the subtexts suggest that it is an abortion.

In their conversation, there are moments that reveal to us what kind of operation

they are talking about. First of all, the man mentions several times that it is an awfully

simple operation, and many people have done that. He tries to use this excuse to

persuade Jig. And in their conversation, Jig says "And afterward they were all so

happy"(373). She uses the word " they", which indicates that the surgery is a thing

between two persons. And many people can have this problem and most of them

choose to have the operation to handle it. And it is actually a great solution to other

people. He also tells us how the operation goes. It is just to let the air in. Form this

point, we can guess that the operation is an abortion.

What's more, the man says "I'll go with you and I'll stay with you all the

time"(373). I do not think a serious surgery like a heart surgery or a brain surgery will

allow a person who is not a doctor to go into the operating room. So it must be a

normal surgery with few risks. The most important evidence is a sentence the man

says " I do not want anybody but you. I do not want any one else." this sentence

implies that if Jig did not do...