Hilton Hotels Case Study One Situation Analysis

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The scope of this situation analysis will be to cover key issues and opportunities for the Hilton Hotels. The Four P's marketing strategy will be recommended, and discussed. The utilization and implementation of the SWOT analysis will be incorporated throughout the discussion. Information will be provided from the use of secondary resources for support of opportunities for the Hilton Hotels.

During the early 1990's, the Hilton Hotels decided to move heavily into gambling. This was a result of after two major takeover attempts (Hilton Hotels, 1998). The decision to change the business operations of the Hilton Hotels was viewed as an aggressive business operation (Hilton Hotels, 1998). Before the 1990's, the Hilton Hotels Corporation owned, managed and franchised hotels, casino-hotels and inns. Additionally, the Hilton Hotels sold furnishings, equipment and supplies to hotels, motels, and inns (Hilton Hotels, 1998). They also operated a computerized reservation system for the hotel industry (Hilton Hotels, 1998).

SWOT Analysis


Brand Recognition - Hilton has a good reputation and their name is well

known. Hilton is a leader in the hotel industry.

Diversification of Products - Hilton is more than hotels. They also generate

revenue from gaming and entertainment. By being involved in more than one industry,

Hilton has a benefit of drawing from one part of its business if another part becomes less

lucrative. Gaming and entertainment , as well as hotels, serve different.customers'

needs. While this diversity does not automatically ensure success, it does help the

company to balance out its profits across three areas of the business.

Conducting business in more than one place - Hilton Hotels has establishments in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and across the world in such places as Queensland, Australia; Istanbul, Turkey. The company also has gaming establishments in New Orleans, Georgia and Windsor, Ontario,