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Hinduism is a religion practiced by billions of people worldwide. It is mainly practised in India and surrounding nations.

Part 1 The word monotheistic means that a religion has only one god for example Christianity. Hinduism can be classified as a monotheistic region it has one ultimate god Brahman. Brahman is the ultimate reality behind all appearances it is neutral gender and cannot be worshipped directly.

A polytheistic religion is a religion with many gods. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion it has millions of gods. . All gods and goddesses are reinfestation of Brahman, but unlike Brahman they can be expressed in a personal way.

Hinduism can be classified as a pantheistic religion because Brahma the ultimate god is part of everything. Brahman and the universe are identical. Brahman is the essence of everything.

Part 2 Hinduisms cannot be described as a monotheistic religion even though some people argue that there is one main god ?Brahman?. Brahman though it is the main god the Hindus had traditionally 330 million gods.

With Hinduism if you don?t look deep enough you could be confused that it is a polytheistic religion. There are 330 million gods but for people who practise Hinduism these are just emotions of the ultimate god Brahman.

Hinduism can?t be classified as a pantheistic religion because there is more than one god. One interpretation of the world of matter is the divine body therefore many landmarks are seen as parts of different gods. For example ?The Ganges River quenched the heat of Shivas renunciation. Vishnu Shiva and Krishna are associated with the material world.

Despite of all of this Hinduism is actually a monistic religion the doctrine that all reality is ultimately one. All things in the universe from gods to goddesses, plants...