The Hinduism,legends and customs

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We all think we know the world we are living in Jet, we all know in through our own culture's eyes, and it is a known thing that culture is strongly influenced by religion.

And one of the oldest religions of this world is the Hindu religion. In Hinduism, everything begins, ends and it is included in ohm , which is a sign representing the trinity of God. Like the Christians, the Hindu God is divided in 3

different gods, which are one and the same person at the same time. It's the same way a person can be somebody's brother, somebody's father and somebody else's husband, but being at the same time one single person. The gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva represent the Hindu trinity.

Lord Brahma is the Generator, the creator of earth and everything there is: animals,plants and humans. Even being the generator of all things, he isn't worshiped because

he married his sister.

Lord Vishnu, the most worshiped one, is the Operator. He is one that makes all the rules of the society, the one that makes things move. He usually uses material thing to

persuade people to do the different things he wants them to do. Lord Vishnu is the most handsome one and he is usually represented like a beautiful young man with 4 arms or like a normal beautiful young man that has the shakra in his right hand and a snail shell from which it flows sand in the left one. The snail shell and the sand represent the flow of the time.

Lord Shiva is the Destroyer, the most important of the 3 gods. He is the one who will arise the Divyajyoti, the Hindu "apocalypse", the end of the world. Hindus believe in reincarnation, so the ones that will...