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Hinduism can be the meaning of many different traditions, each of these traditions has different meanings for enlightenment and they view things differently. Hinduism has a strong sense of morality, teachings of ahimsa or non-violence is one sense of conviction. The teachings show how all life is interconnected. Hindus do not have strict laws to be followed but they do believe in one God called Brahma who is believed to be the creator of the universe and represents the supreme truth.

The religion of Hinduism is one of the worlds oldest religions with traditions that date back far into ancient history. One thing that makes Hinduism different from all other religions is the fact that it did not evolve from the teachings of one saint or one prophet. Hinduism has changed and progressed over many centuries. Hinduism also teaches reincarnation or rebirth of soul. Hindus respect and humble other religions and show a lot of respect their neighbors and pray for everyone.

Hinduism stressed the importance for living a disciplined blissful life needed for God realization. The realization of God is not a thing that the Hindu religion expects to happen in a set amount of time, unlike other religions that have guide the God realization process. The word karma, or actions, is a big part of Hindu life. Karma is said to be the results of your good or bad actions. Believing in Karma helps one lead a positive life and learn from mistakes.

Rituals and traditions are a large part of the Hindu religion with rituals that start from birth and last all the way till death. These rituals and traditions are always thought about in everyday of life Hindu believers. The rituals and traditions are meant to guide the path to God realization or liberation...