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My Little Bit Of Country

Life is a long road trip. Sometimes you have to stop up and look up, where you're going and sometimes just listen to yourself and not what people say or think. Happiness is the most important thing in life, because without happiness - how can you manage to enjoy life?

The essay "My Little Bit of Country", which is written by Susan Cheever's in 2012 deals with the relationship between a young girl and her parents thought of which places are best for raising a child. The story is told by Susan Cheever herself as she was growing up. Susan grew up with a father who contributed with his help in the World War 2. The story is about Susan's memories of her childhood with her father. She starts off by telling us readers what kind of father she had.

Here we hear about, how quit the father was about the World War 2, even though he had a lot of memories he could share. Susan grew up to be a strong and a successful beautiful woman. She got pregnant and had kids herself.

Basically the theme in the essay is family values, memories, happiness and of course succes. Susan lived in New York City at 400 East Fifty-Ninth Street. Growing up, Susan Cheever describes New York City after the World War 2 as a city full of romantic, dreams and place of prosperity for such young parents as her own. Cheever's father's job at that time was a job, where he wrote for the New Yorker magazine. His big dream was to write a novel one day.

Cheever manages to keep us readers in lane of what her life was as a young girl. She tells us how her...