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"Hip-hop... is a complex system of ideas, values, and concepts. Carl S. Taylor and Virgil Taylor are able to clearly reveal that hip-hop has become a popular part of society and has evolved since its creation. Their article "Hip-Hop and Youth Culture: Contemplations of an Emerging Culture Phenomenon" explains how important hip-hop is to society. They reveal the origins of hip-hop, why it is so popular, compare it to other genres of music. Hip-hop has been around for years and shows know sign of fading away.

The authors discuss the origins of hip-hop. They it emerged as a part of society the same way many other cultures emerged. It was used as a way to communicate the feelings of a community that felt unheard. Hip-hop puts an emphasis on talking about the truth and exposing the lies and deceptions in society.

They also talk about why hip-hop has become so popular among the youth of society.

Those who heard hip-hop and discouraged it being listened to like parents forbidding their children from listening to it brought more attention to hip-hop. People enjoyed how the simple percussive patterns put an emphasis on lyrics. Rappers bringing pride to the community attracted listeners. Listeners found it easy to take part in the creativity.

The author lists that why hip-hop attracts so many people. It does not rely on the same system as "traditional music." Therefore anyone can compose hip-hop. It is a way to proclaim pride in ones community.

The authors comparing it to other forms of accepted music gives the thesis credibility. The authors that hip hop is a complex "system of ideas, values, and concepts..." They also show how the lyrics and emotion in hip-hop are like those found in country or blues.

Carl and Virgil Taylor also...