Hip-Hop industry

Essay by dal4ik March 2007

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Music has been around sense the dawn of time. When man first started to discover music it was not the kind of music we have today. All it consisted of was grunts, moans, and banging things. Music has evolved just as much as the people that created it. From Chromagnum men to musician and from grunting too classical music, rock, and rap. So today Music plays an essential role in our everyday life. We listen to music every day and even sometimes do not realize it. There are many resources where we can listen to music. We listen to the radio while driving our cars. We turn on the TV and watch movies where music is playing. So music is playing the big role to the human life and it is the way of entertainment for people. Today's music is a billion dollars industry, which increasing day by day. Many people consider music industry as something negative, because it consists from some new cultures as hip-hop, pop music, rock and etc.

Mostly it is because they have the negative influences to their children and unethical and sometimes non religious behavior. But in my essay I'm going to write about the music industry as the new art, which brought a new ideas and ways of living in our life. And my research question, Does the today's mainstream music industry (pop music, hip-hop, rap, R&B and etc) have desecrated the meaning of music as an art? The new cultures as Hip-Hop, R&B and etc. makes art richer and adds some changes in our everyday life, and also these cultures are the response to the high elite.

Hip-Hop is one of the newest forms of music. It has expanded and is now themost popular form of music for people ages 11-25. In the...