Hip-Hop Music As A Movement

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Throughout history, humans were interested in beauty, be it in wearing ornaments and jewelry during Cleopatra's reign, or building palaces like the, decorated with beautiful paintings, artistic furniture and silver wear.

Today, music is by far the most popular art form enjoyed by the younger generation. There have been many movements in the 20th century, but none of them compares to the global and powerful effects of hip hop music, also referred to as rap music. What is disparate between this art form and other art forms is that rap music places a significant emphasis on lyrics. Indeed, the only way rap music sells is if the content is rebellious enough or controversial, otherwise, it would be reduced to a boring chit chat. Other types of music focus on beats, bass and require the player to be a real professional or a schooled musician. But what makes rap music so popular in terms of demographics is that all it requires is a pen, a paper and a little creativity.

Hip Hop began in the Bronx in the 1970's, when block parties became common in the socio-economic world of the lower class, amidst increasing gang power. It began in public places, as a way to bring fun and parties to the lives of community members. Rap music took off from there and never looked back.

The late 1980's were known for being as the golden age of hip hop with the emergence of some of the best artists to ever do it. An example of the early pioneers is "Run DMC", who sprung to fame with songs such as "It's Like That". There songs were mainly disco in nature, and were popular in dance.

Other notorious artists during this epoch were "NWA", who rose to prominence with their hit song "F…...