'Hip-HOpera': lyrics to a rap song composed by Raghav Kaushik

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[Stanza One]

Rap is a form of poetry. If you

Don't think so, follow on with me. When I

Wrote this I wasn't thinking of melody. Words

And music should live in harmony.

Now is the time to learn a lesson: what's

Music? It's simply self-expression. I'll turn the

Age of Aquarius into the Hip-Hop Era.

That's why I'm singing Hip-HOpera!

[Stanza Two]

Whatever Shakespeare wrote, it was a classic, but when

Eminem drops a record, why do y'all just trash it? The

Situation is dire; I'll do something drastic.

Rap is poetry; it's not fake like plastic!

Byron slept around but he's poetry's Saint.

50 just dealt drugs, so why he ain't one? It's time to

Stand up for rap and make a turn of the tide.

Hip-Hop ain't just about guns and women's backsides. Some

Take Fuck Tha Police far too seriously.

Milton argued against the government notoriously.


Say rappers diss each other too much; well

Greene hated Shakespeare, only he called it slander. They say

Rap's lyrics are too much about sex and such.

Want erotic? Look up Hero and Leander.

Rappers are condemned for preaching a bad message, but it's

Not what you write, it's how you write it, right?

Hip-Hop's future is assured, you can take it as my presage; it's a

Long winding road but I can see the light.

Slanging was founded by the lowly ghettos; it

Expanded and now it's for the everyday person.

Which one of these two is more commercially able: is it The

Lord Chamberlain's Men or Shady's record label? If

Coleridge was a gangster he'd get high on joints.

To the chorus now I think I've proved my point.

[Stanza Three]

I'm here to save the world of Hip-Hop, much like

Jesus; look at the...