The hippie generation, It's remarkable effect on Canadian History, and how it has shaped our society into the way it has become today.

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The hippie era was a time of change. Society did nott understand the hippie generation; therefore they started to fear them. Parents began to feel that this counter-culture was a bad influence on the youth; therefore they started to discriminate against them. The hippie culture had a whole different outlook on life and society, oppose to the previous generations. They believed in peace, love, freedom, and had a great amount of respect not only for others, but for our earth. Hippies believed that everyone should be equal, and money should not separate us. The main force behind their different outlooks were the drugs, free sex, and rock n roll, which then led them to protest. The hippies went against the American Dream, and American culture. The largest factor in their different style of life was the drugs, because it had altered their outlooks on various ideas and point of views.

When the hippie culture died off, they left us with a great amount freedom in our society, and they taught us it's ok to do what you want, and to stand up for what you believe in.

Along with the hippie culture, came a lifestyle. Hippies believed that God blessed them with the ability to love, therefore they thought that they should be able to share it freely, and not reserve it for only a selected few (1). They also believed that there should not be any boundaries in sexual expression. This meant "you were free to love whomever you pleased, whenever you pleased, however you pleased" (2). Sexual expression had changed dramatically. There were no longer boundaries, and it was ok to explore homosexuality, group sex, and if you were already in a relationship and you felt attracted to someone else, you could explore that relation ship without having...