Hiring unqualified people, work analysis

Essay by sseguchi November 2004

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Hiring unqualified people

Currently I'm working for Intel in the California Technology and Manufacturing group (CTM) as a Technician and in the past year Intel has been off and on with hiring new employees. When my department has the opportunity to hire new employees they jump right on it but, in the past year or two the quality of the employees that my department has hired is below par.

Threes possible outcomes to the researched problem is 1) the department need to screen new hire with better test. 2) The wrong people are doing the interviews so the relevant questions pertaining to the job are not being asked. 3) Quality people aren't taking the jobs that the department has to offer.

My facts for the decline in quality hiring at CTM is based upon my experiences as a trainer for the group. One area in particular where new hires normally start off at is called Etest. At Etest new hires learn operations of tools and tracking software. The job is fairly easy and I've been training people in that area for over 5 years. I've trained multiple personalities, multiple learning styles, and multiple learning curves but, I've always managed to get the people trained and 100% prepared to work independently within 6-8 weeks of their start date. As of late the department has experienced a number of new hires that can't seem to get through training on time and we've had a few cases where we had to terminate the new hire even before training was completed. This is costing the department a lot of money because of the time put into training. Expert resources are being kept from doing their jobs because of dedicated one on one training. The main impact of all the wasted training is that...