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Hiroshima Essay The atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima proved an extremely devastating to the Japanese people. Mrs. Nakamura survived the U.S. attack on Japan. Also, a very fortunate man, Dr. Sasaki, survived the bomb. Father Kleinsorge survived the attack and has moved on in his life. Dr. Fuji had a very fine post-bomb experience. Reverend Tanimoto took a trip to the U.S. to get funds to rebuild his church in Hiroshima. Miss Sasaki lived her life the best she could after the bomb, and she turned out to be very successful. A very admirable trait to the Japanese character is shown in the resilience of the Japanese people to overcome the effects of the atomic bomb.

Mrs. Nakamura survived of the nuclear attack on Japan and led her life as best she could after the war. After the war, she used her husband's sewing machine to make money to support herself and the family.

Due to her high medical bills, she had to sell the machine to pay for them. Later, she worked in a factory wrapping mothballs. Lenient to her post-war condition, the factory owner let her work only for a short period of time. She would easily get tired and stressed out. She finally retired and lived off of the benefits she received from the government and the help of her son. In the beginning, she didn't accept her benefits, but after the first couple of years, she decided to take advantage of them. Overall, she led a very successful life.

Dr. Sasaki tried to forget about the bombing of Hiroshima. He set up a hospital near his father's residence, outside of Hiroshima. He didn't really know the long-term effects of the bomb since his hospital didn't get a lot of bomb victims. Unaware of the...