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"There, in the factory, in the first moment of the atomic age, a human being was crushed by

books." (P 16). It was the first moment of the atomic age but it certainly won't be the last.

Hiroshima, the first city ever to be attacked by a nuclear bomb. The people of Hiroshima felt

that a terrible omen was to come, preparing for a raid, since their city was one of the few left

that hasn't been attacked. They never expected a nuclear bomb to be dropped on them. The

bomb that left over It makes one wonder if in the desperation of war, would a country ever

drop an atomic bomb on one's country? Surely there could've been an alternative way to

make an enemy country surrender. After the bombing of Hiroshima the United States warned

Japan if they didn't surrender they would bomb Nagasaki. Japan ignored their threat and

three days later Nagasaki was bombed with a bigger atomic bomb. This showed all over the

world what the United States and nuclear weapons are capable of. The United States is not

the only country that holds such destructive weapons, Russia and China, for example, hold

nuclear weapons. Nuclear Tension has been caused between the countries, threatening each

other with them. People were afraid of what is to become if the countries launched them. Now

after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong­Il, his son Kim Jong­Un threatens the United

States with a nuclear war. Analysts are doubtful that North Korea could hit the United States

however they can hit U.S. military installations that are in Japan and South Korea. Japan

would be the better target than South Korea because if North Korea strikes South Korea with

a nuclear weapon then they'll suffer casualties as well. This makes...