In His Name

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In His Name By E Christopher Reyes




Most people don't know who wrote the Bible. Even the clergy doesn't know, as they regurgitate the lies that they were taught from their early years of inculcation. The fact is, we don't know who wrote the Bible. And, anyone who starts quoting Scripture is merely repeating the lies of the forgers of Scripture.

The Church claim, "These books are Sacred and Canonical, because they contain Revelation without error, and because, written by the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost, they have God for their Author." ~Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. VI, p. 543. Note: This 1546 Dogma of the Infallible Church was thus reaffirmed by the Sacred Vatican Council in 1870 C.E., and and again by Pope Leo XIII, in his Encyclical Prov. Deus, in 1893.

But, who declared Scripture to be Holy? Who declared Scripture to be inerrant [Without error]? If the Latin Version, the Vulgate written by Saint Jerome, is inerrant, then why did it need to be modified? "Under Popes Sixtus V, 1585-90, and Clement VIII, 1592-1605, the 'Latin Vulgate,' after years of revision attained its present shape." ~Catholic Encyclopedia, vol.

xii, p. 769.

And, even the Christian martyrs are but a mere fantasy, created to hypnotize the ignorant masses and help convert them to Christianity, "Ancient, medieval and early modern hagiographers were inclined to exaggerate the number of martyrs. Since the title of martyr is the highest title to which a Christian can aspire, this tendency is natural." ~Catholic Encyclopedia.

Furthermore, "The famous texts of Bishop Irenaeus on Apostolic "Succession are a testimony to the faith [i.e. Fictitious traditions] of the 2nd century, rather than an example of historical narrative." ~Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. vii, 341.

The Church now, reluctantly, admits, "It … Appears...