Hispanic American Diversity

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Hispanics 1

Hispanic American Diversity

Cindy A. Delgado Guzman

ETH 125 Cultural Diversity

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Mr. Michael Seller

April 1st, 2007

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Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic Americans, also known as Latinos, residents of the United States who trace their ancestry to countries in the western hemisphere where the Spanish language is spoken. People of Hispanic background have lived in what is now the United States since the 17th century. In 2000 the U.S. census counted 34.3 million Hispanic or Latinos American. Most experts think that an additional 2 to 3 million illegal Hispanic immigrants live in the United States. In 2006 the Census Bureau released updated figures that estimated the Hispanic population had increased to 42.7 million as of 2005, about 14.4 percent of the total U.S. populations (Hispanic Americans, 2007).

Mexican Americans - According to Chacon (2005), "people of Mexican origin have become the largest Hispanic group, accounting for 59% of the country's Hispanic population.

Additionally, Mexican-American comprises 20.9 million persons l, which now represent 7.4% of the United States population. As far as education, According to Chacon (2005), " special report shows that 'Census 2000 Special Report' shows that educational attainment among Hispanic varies, but Mexican-Americans consistently present the lowest level of education attainment, with approximately 46% having received a high school diploma and only around 7% having obtained a bachelor's degree. " 90.4% of Non-Hispanic whites have attained a high school diploma or better and 80.9% of Non-Hispanic blacks acquired a high school diploma or better in 2004. On Even more differences become apparent when you compare first generation Mexican-American with only 36.6% having attained high school diploma or better to Non-Hispanic whites and Non-Hispanic blacks who respectively have received a high school diploma or better at the rate...