Hispanic American Diversity

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Mexican AmericansIn the United States, Mexican Americans have been living here for years. Mexican Americans also known as "Chicanos" used to be known as migrant workers. They are now known as immigrants instead of migrants. Their usual language is Spanish, but they have been taught to speak English by taking bilingual classes. Their family makes up the core of their social structure (Franklin, 2006). Franklin (2006) stated that “Women are seen secondary to their husbands and the husbands are seen as the authority figure and decision makers. Families are very large and the extended family is just as important as the immediate family.”The religion that most Mexican Americans practice is Catholicism. While Catholicism is the primary religion, other Mexican Americans are Protestant. Many Mexicans and Mexican Americans find work in the fields of mining, agriculture, transportation, and ranching. Since those sectors of the economy have grown to be more in demand, they are looking for low wage laborers.

Mexican Americans have several organizations that were developed to help them in the fight against discrimination. Mexican Americans developed the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) to help organize voter education and registration drives (Englekirk & Marin, 2007).

Puerto RicansPuerto Ricans are considered United States citizens because Puerto Rico is considered United States territory. Puerto Ricans are usually fluent in both English and Spanish, which makes life somewhat easier for them in the United States. Puerto Rican families are typically headed by the women (Franklin, 2006). Religion for Puerto Ricans varies because they may be Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, or any other type of religion. Many Puerto Ricans live in Puerto Rico or in and around New York City. Many of them found employment in industry and service areas (Green, 2007). Puerto Ricans have as many rights in politics as other United...