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History 100: The Rise Of The West

October 2nd, 2014

The Messenger- The Story of Joan of Arc

The time period in Europe between 1300 to 1600 was filled with many discoveries and new thoughts that dramatically changed human civilization for years to come. Among many names, historians often refer to this period as Late Middle Ages or the early stages of The Renaissance. An emergence of new technology, ideology, and improved education lead to an explosion of inventions, beliefs and appreciation of art. While many benefits transpired from this time period, it was also a bloody and violent part of history for much of Europe."The Messenger- Story of Joan of Arc" is a French historical film set in this time period, mainly concentrated on the brutal "Hundred Years' War" between England and France, and the battles led by a peasant women by the name of Joan.

Long before Joan of Arc led French troops to a resurgence against English forces, various influences caused England and France to begin a bloody and extremely long war. The cause of the war is mainly believed to be because of dynastic disputes. According to an online article, King Edward the III of England, as a result of attacks on French land he owned, "King Edward the III of England, provoked by French attacks on lands he owns in France, decides to upon a desperate gamble. He declares himself King of France, arguing that he can legally claim the French throne through line of descent via his mother, Isabella of France"(Wheeler 1). Obviously the French were not going to lie down and allow such travesty, so in the following years a war began between two of Europe's powers. England used a tactic which "They took the form of...