Historical Events in Nursing Development and Nursing Utilization

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This paper examines five historical events in the history of nursing development and nursing utilization. Such examples of this are: Florence Nightingale's contribution; development of the first Masters Degree Program; Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) established; Nursing Research published; and published clinical practice guidelines by the AHCPR (Burns & Grove, 2003, p. 10).

Events in Nursing Development

Florence Nightingale's contribution of researching the importance of providing for cleanliness, water purity, diet, and fresh air in order to improve the outcomes of client recovery was the beginning of nursing research (Burns & Grove, 2003, p. 9). This research provided knowledge that influenced clinical nursing practice. The importance of this research remains evident today as hand washing remains the number one deterrent to infection.

Development of the first Masters Degree Program at Yale University in 1929 allowed for the expansion of educational opportunities for nurses (Burns & Grove, 2003, p.

9). This program allows for nurses with an MSN to lead a health care team in making changes in nursing practice and within the health care system based on research (Burns & Grove, p. 7). MSN trained nurses may also collaborate in projects wit other nurse scientists (Burns & Grove, p. 7). The development of the Masters Degree Program at Yale University allowed for the generation of refining the existing knowledge and increasing the existing knowledge base that influences clinical nursing practice which provides for a higher degree of nursing research development (Burns & Grove, p. 490). Evidence of the need for higher learning opportunities remains evident as more nurses are going on to higher levels of learning and continue to generate more knowledge in nursing research.

In 1989 the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) was established (Burns & Grove, 2003, p. 10). The AHCPR was...