Historical Inquiry on Napoleon

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A. Plan of the Investigation

The investigation puts the microscope on the efforts the effects that Napoleon's military expeditions had on France. Various sources were used to evaluate Napoleon's accomplishments on the battlefield and their results on France. The investigation focuses on the on Napoleon's rise to power to better understand his personality, Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon's political spectrum and his downfall after the defeat at waterloo. Historic authors and a tape made by TLC were the primary sources used to evaluate Napoleon's era and his vision, which lasted from 1799 - 1815. Historical books such as, Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars by Albert Marrin and Napoleon: from 18 Brumaire to Tilsit by Georges Lefebvre are evaluated to focus on their origins, purposes, values and limitations.

The investigation focuses mainly on the evaluation of Napoleon's effort during his reign as France's leader and does not focus on any of the different countries that he battled during his reign.

B. Summary of Evidence

Napoleon was born on Corsica and went to school in France at a young age. He spent quite a lot of his childhood days in military schools and left at the age of sixteen to join the French army. He gained rapid promotion during Revolutionary wars and was assigned the task of the Italian Campaign. Over several years, Napoleon's continued to have success and France continued to get more chaotic and this gave Napoleon a chance to gain control of France.

Napoleon implemented the new government system within a month of overthrowing the directory as he made rapid changes. He introduced the consulate as the new governing body of France. Napoleon's first task as leader of France was to protect the country against the second coalition. He wished to attack the Austrians in northern Italy by surprise and took...