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Nelson Mandela

Hi! Today we are going to talk about the late South African leader, Nelson Mandela. Here are 6 facts that you may not know about him.

He was a boxing fan. Nelson Mandela enjoyed boxing but didn't not enjoy the violence of it so much as the science of it. He was interested in how the boxers move and use strategy. Race, age, and wealth did not matter.

His original name was not Nelson. At age 9 a teacher at the primary Methodist school gave him the Christian name of Nelson to replace his south African name of Rolhilahla Mandela. Rolhilahla literally means "pulling the branch of a tree" but its slang meaning is trouble maker.

He was on U.S terror watch list. African National Congress has been designated a terrorist group by South Africa apartheid government. As a designated terrorist Mandela needed special permission to enter the United States.

He forgot the glasses when he was release from the prison. He realised as he was trying to read his speech that he had forgotten his glasses and had to borrow his wife's.

He dressed up as other occupations to hide from police. He disguised himself as chauffeur, a gardener, and a chef to travel around the country un noticed to evade a security services in South Africa.

He had his own law firm but it took him years to get a law degree. Mandela studied law on and off for fifty years and failed about half of his courses. He finally got a law degree while in prison in 1989.

Now I'm going to talk about how he freed South Africa from the racism and discrimination.

Imagine yourself growing in a country where you might get thrown in jail for drinking from the wrong water fountain...