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U.S History


Mr. Cardillo

Entertainment in the Eighteenth Century

Entertainment has incontestably inclined to a much broader array of choices over the years. Life as we know it, would be nothing but unfathomable to past societies, while being explicitly the same vise versa. It is merely impossible to envision a life so different from our social norm, yet creativity, and mental satisfaction through creativity, were the only ways to go about entertainment. In a life so different from how we know it, eighteenth century residents were entertained by Performances, and learning.

Modern society would be a wreck without the entertainment provided to them at the click of a button. For example, a prevalent luxury, the Smartphone, is very regularly treated and viewed as a necessity. In fact, it is currently relatively quixotic to demographically find a family without at least one Smartphone. To further this fact, according to the Pew Research Center, Fifty-Six Percent of all American adults own a Smartphone, equaling to about one hundred and sixty eight million owners.

So with this common item in most American's life, a question such as, how could any other entertainment be needed, furthermore, how did people ever entertain themselves without such devices? The answer, creativity and creation.

Attending performances such as stage plays, music concerts, comedy styled readings, and poetry reading, were presumably the most entertaining activates to part-take in during the 1700's. In terms of stage plays, the 1700's played a crucial role in the foundation for future theater. In 1736 the first professional theater was officially opened in Charles Town, South Carolina. They displayed a vast repertoire of plays, many of which were Shakespearian revivals. Comedy and poetry readings, allowed others to present their own writings, as a source of entertainment for all...