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Chapter 7 I. The Man and His Policies A.Thoman Jefferson - One of the most successful presidencies - first president to be inaugurated in Washington - Benjamin Banneker - Free black surveyor, surveyed Washington first black civilian to work for US Gov.

- Pierre-Charles L'Enfant - Architect for city - Inaugurated March 4, 1801 - Against slavery, but owned 150 - Monticello - Martha Wayles Skelton, 1772, 10 kids, died 10 years after marriage - Inuagural address: 1) equal and exact justice to all men 2) Friendship with all nations 3) Respect for rights of states 4) Agriculture and commerce 5) Freedom of speech, press, elect.

6) Economy and honesty in management of country's finances - Cabinet: James Madison, VA - Sec. of state Albert Gallatrin. PA - Sec. of Treas.

- 70% of nations revenue per year to national debt - excise tax repealed, naturalization act 5 year waiting for czship B.

The Barbary Pirates - Tunis, Tripoli, Morocco, Algiers - 1790 - 1800 $2M in bribes - 2.5% tax for Mediterranean fund - 1805 - Tripoli peace - 1815 - Stephen Decatur - seized 2 algierian frigates - signed treaty to end raids - Problem ended completely 1830 Fr. took Algiers II. Buying Louisiana A.Napoleon bought Louisiana from Spain, made New Orleans into tollgate. Jefferson sent James Monroe of VA to France. Monroe and Livingston to buy land at mouth of River. $2M provided, up to $10M to be spent. Haiti slaves revolt with Pierre Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture and put down French army under LeClerc. Rochambeau needed 35000 new troops to put down blacks. Napoleon offered to sell all of Louisiana, Monroe offered $15M going against Jefferson and bought Louisiana. October 1803, Louisiana became property of US.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark - Dec. 3, 1805 Reached P.