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The registration of Gan Clan Association took place formally only in the 1966 by Gan Yue Cheng, but they already started functioning much earlier. The main reason for the establishment of the association is to take care of the welfare of the immigrants and thus giving them a sense of shared connection and identity with the clan. (Yen Ching Hwang) Since the late 19th century till the 1960s, many immigrants came to Singapore without assistance or protection from the local authorities or the government. Hence the clan was important since its functions were very much in line with what the immigrants required. The closely knitted relationship enjoyed by the Gan stimulated the immigrants, which in turn brought about the establishment of the clan. Similar to other clans, the Gan Clan aims to promote clan solidarity and traditional customs.

The clan plays a significant role in shaping Singapore's history positively because it acts like a "shelter" for the immigrants.

(Yen Ching Hwang). There was an influx of immigrants to Singapore in quest for economic advancement and to take advantage of the entre pot established. Without the establishment of clans like Gan Clan, immigrants will feel helpless and lost in a foreign land and commit themselves to social evils such as opium smoking and drinking, which can be detrimental to society. (Yen Ching Hwang, 1987) Imagine a Singapore without the operation of clans, she will become socially and politically unstable with numerous wandering immigrants who have no one to turn to. The history of Singapore would be shaped very differently, perhaps with negativity, without the presence of clans.

Apart from that, Gan Clan Association has also played a role in shaping the history of the Chinese business community. Besides its social contribution such as providing scholarships and promoting education, the clan is...