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Tuesday 16th June 1166

Dear Diary

Today was atrocious until I got home from work. I had to sew seeds all day my back is killing right now but it got a lot better when I got home my mother had my favourite tea ready; Pottage! I ate all of it but straight after I had too go to bed because of work in the morning but im staying up to write this so everyone can can see my life. So today I had to get up at dawn and have my breakfast which was bread which is actually really nice when you get used too it. Then I went to work which what I told you before is sewing seeds which makes your back hurt a lot after a few years of it but soon I am getting a new job soon which is stacking hay which I really hope will be much better than sewing seeds.

Its my birthday today so my family got a little extra money.

Seeing as this is my first diary entry I thought id tell you about my house.

Well my family has a but more money than a peasant family but have less money than the wealthy families round the corner.

Our house has 5 rooms; 2 bedrooms,a room were we keep our animals, a room were we relax together and a room were we go if we want some alone time or to practice our instruments.

I play the gittern which is quite easy when you learn how to play it. Well im getting tired so speak to you tomorrow.

Wednesday 17th June 1166

Dear Diary

Today was my day off work so I practised my gittern and we played skittles for a while which was really fun...