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How and Why did Geneva, a city of purely regional importance in 1500 embedded in the duchy of Savoy and subject to the authoruty of its prince-bishop, emerge by John Calvin's death in 1564 as the leading center for the dissemination of the ideas of Reformed Protestanism throughout Europe?

How and why did Geneva emerge by Calvin's death in 1564 as the leading center for the dissemination of the ideas of Calvinism throughout Europe?

Underlying factor vs triggering factor

the types/ diversity of change, e.g. political, economic, social; cultural, religious, technological.

the speed/rate of change, e.g. rapid

the extent, variations/ patterns of change e.g. localised, widespread, affecting certain groups more than others, in one area of life rather than many.

the duration of change, e.g. long-term, short-lived change.

key moments / key individuals and turning points that triggered change, e.g. economic events might 'trigger' or 'precipitate' change, an individual may 'influence' or 'motivate' change.

Independence from savoy rule

Alliance with Berne and Fribourg

whether change involves progress, regression, evolution or leads to little real change (continuity).

the level of change and its significance, e.g. what made the most difference.

The changes to the church structure

how people experienced, promoted, shaped or resisted change.

Initially it was resisted since there was a competition of power between Calvin and the petit council

The 'rebellion' of the oligarchs against the reforms

Social, political and religious.

Key characteristics - strategic location led to the movement of people- exchange of ideas etc.

Immigration: the people who sought refuge in geneva were largely from the intellectual and moral "elite". Often times, Geneva was simply a place for temporary refuge, when the persecution slackened, they moved back or moved elsewhere. (Binz, pg 30)

Political freedom and religious reform which were closely intertwined or inextricably linked. The desire...