The History of AIDS

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December 1st just use to be my birthday to me. Now it is National AIDS Day. Today everyone is being informed about AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Before people were informed about GRID, "gay- related immune deficiency. When it was called GRID it was referred to as " The Gay Plague or Gay Cancer." People have gone from being uneducated about AIDS to being educated about AIDS. This is where my paper begins. Throughout my paper I will discuss the history of AIDS.

Although many believe that AIDS has been around since as early as 1965 the first recorded case was in 1981. Morbidity and Mortality weekly report reported in the summer of 1981 that there were unusual findings in Center's for Disease Control (CDC). The reports came from an immunologist in Los Angles and a dermatologist in New York. The patients in both reports were gay man.

In 1982 the new disease was called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS after being link to blood and sexual transmission.

Also in New York City The Gay Men's Crisis was founded. At this time 1,600 people in America had been diagnosed and 600 people had already died. Play Fair the first safer sex pamphlet was created by sisters of perpetual Indulgence and a team of medical professionals.

The first American AIDS Conference was held in Denver. AIDS was reported in thirty- three countries. A France scientist at Pasteur institute discovered the following year HIV in blood in 1983. They sent that sample of blood to a U.S. researcher doctor Robert Gallo. He developed a blood teat to discover HIV presences. From 1984 until 1991 Gallo claimed that he discover the virus that causes AIDS. In 1984 the person who brought AIDS to America died.

This person was called "Patient zero." It...