History and Culture of France.

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History of France

France has been around for thousands of years. It has had many rulers. It also has had many good times and bad times. French has had many well known people some they hailed and others they scowled at.

There are many famous people to talk about. There are five people in my mind that shine out of all he other people in France. First off is Joan of arc. She was born in Dormeny on January 6 1412 later she died May 30 1431 in Raven. Her father was Jacques d Arc. He was a small pheasant farmer was poor. Joan was the youngest of five children. Never learned how to write but was a skilled sewer and in spinning. Said she saw angels ST Michael, Margaret, Catherine.

Next is Louis the fourteenth. Was born September 16 1635 and died September17 1715. Son of Louis the thirteenth.

Became king in 14 may 1643 after father death. Did not become master until 1961. Cardinal Mazalia ruled till Louis was old enough while he ruled he concurred Austria and Spain. Louis married Maria Theresa of Bustin. Next is my favorite Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was the emperor of France. He was the second son Charles and Marie Bonaparte.

He was born in Corsica which he spent most of his childhood there.

He later went on too college of Autun in 1778 and then I n 1785 he went to military school in Paris and became a LT. He was a citizen during the revolt in France He was devoted to knew ideas after the revolt. A military genius was revealed in him on 1793 at age 24. He became brigadier general in December 20 of 1793. He was finally defeated on 1815 June 1st at seven o clock by 30,000...