The history and definition of the english dictionary.

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The definition of the dictionary is a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them. The creator of the dictionary was Noah Webster. Noah Webster was born on November 8, 1761. He was born in Europe. His parents were Charles and Barbara Wester. They took good care of him. Noah lived in a small house in Europe. He liked going to school. He also liked walking beside the Connecticut River, along with his brother. Noah and his brother went to a small school. Noah liked to learn new things. He thought it was pretty fun learning. Noah didn't like it when his brother would get into trouble though.

The invention Noah made was the Webster's Dictionary. Noah made a lot of them. When ever Noah had time to work on the dictionary he did.

Noah invented the dictionary so people could learn how to spell words.

A lot of people use the dictionary. The dictionary is still being used in schools today. The job Noah had was teaching at an elementary school. Noah wasn't married to anyone. So he didn't have any children. He didn't have any achievements or awards. Noah died on October 15. 1857. He was 96 years old when he died. Noah died in a hospital. He was in the hospital for about two months. He died of a heart attack. When he died the Merriam brothers purchased the rights to his dictionary in 1843.

There are more than 13 different kinds of dictionaries. So many dictionaries have been made that there is one in every language. And for every country. The first Latin dictionary was published in between 1968 and 1982. There are three basic types of dictionary. They are the compact, historical and general purpose dictionary. The compact dictionary is...